We are thrilled to have a newly published author in our midst.


September 13, 2016



We are thri417essu4fhl-_sx331_bo1204203200_lled to have a newly published author in our midst. Garry has been a patient for many years and has been sharing his travel adventures with me each time we meet. Some of you who have been in the neighbourhood for a long time may remember him as the original owner of the Bread Garden on our street (now Rocky Mountain Flatbread). Garry still loves to bake and anyone who receives a loaf of his bread is in for a real treat.

Garry finally published his book last fall and it is fantastic. He details his amazing travels around the world with a charming naivete and optimism. I really couldn’t put it down.

Here is a synopsis

As the sun rose on a 1947 Vancouver morning, sixteen-year-old Garry Rowse stepped on the school bus without any idea he would not return to his hometown for more than five years. Without money, identification, or a plan, Garry exited the bus at the end of its route, stuck out his thumb, and left a less than ideal childhood behind. In a lively chronicling of his nomadic adventures, Rowse begins by detailing his journey from the side of the road to his eventual decision to accept a job as a cabin boy on a Norwegian freighter in Halifax. As his travels continued, Rowse shares anecdotes from his past that highlight unique experiences that included running contraband from Borneo to Zamboanga; working as a strike breaker on the docks of Marseille; becoming stranded in a former slave village in the jungles of Guyana; and escaping prison by swimming across shark-infested Manila Bay.

And a link to where you can find it: