BOTOX COSMETIC® is a pharmaceutical compound manufactured by Allergan. It has been safely used in the medical field for over 20 years and cosmetically for more than 10 years. BOTOX COSMETIC® can achieve that face lift you desire without plastic surgery. This skin care treatment is an effective way to eliminate deep grooves, furrows and wrinkles. Through BOTOX COSMETIC®, it is possible to restore a soft, natural and relaxed appearance. BOTOX COSMETIC® can also be used to stop excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis.


BOTOX COSMETIC® treatment is administered by injection. The treatment is directed at the muscle groups targeted for relaxation. For example it can be used in the muscles along expression lines on the forehead or around the eyes. This causes the muscles to relax, softening your appearance within days.

BOTOX COSMETIC® also effectively treats hyperhidrosis for between eight and twelve months. Sweating is a normal, physiologic body process designed to maintain a healthy body temperature. Excessive sweating is sweat that isn’t required to help your body cool down. For example, sweating at rest, sweating through clothing soon after putting it on or sweating in a cool environment is not normal. Hyperhidrosis is a medical problem, recognized by many insurance companies. BOTOX COSMETIC® injected directly into the sweat glands is an effective way to temporarily reduce or eliminate sweat production in treated areas.


Discomfort is limited to the few seconds needed for each injection. Some patients experience mild tingling or tenderness. It is possible to develop minor bruising.

  • Make lots of faces over the next few hours, to help the BOTOX COSMETIC® work its way into the muscle/area that was treated.
  • If your frown lines or forehead was injected today please stay UPRIGHT for four hours with your head above your shoulders (no sit ups, floor mat work, etc).
  • Resume make up wear as usual tomorrow.
  • Mild redness, mild swelling at the injection site and mild bruising are possible side effects.


The positive effects of BOTOX COSMETIC® start to show within a week of treatment and last for 3-4 months.

Treatment areas and amounts will vary from patient to patient.

Vertical lip lines: Treatments starting from $48.00

Forehead creases: Treatments starting from $96.00

Lateral Eyebrow Lift: Treatments starting from $112.00

Frown lines: Treatments starting from $300.00

Crows-feet: Treatments starting from $288.00

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What are Cosmetic Fillers?


Cosmetic fillers, also known as Soft tissue dermal fillers, are used to restore volume to the face as it is naturally lost with age or to enhance areas such as lips or cheeks to subtly augment nature. Fillers can soften wrinkles, fill hollows and lift furrows. This treatment is especially effective for treatment around the mouth, jaw or hollows under the eyes. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Teosyal are safe, non-allergenic treatments that provide instant, natural results. What areas to treat and how much filler to use are decisions you will make with your care provider. You will not be sold a package or pushed to treat beyond your own comfort zone. We want the best possible you!

Teosyal – How does it work?

Teosyal is made of non-animal-based hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that exists in human skin but depletes with age.

This product provides a smooth, natural method for adding volume and gydration.  This product is injectable and is now available with lidocaine for additional comfort during treatment.

How will I feel afterwards?

You may have minor swelling and bruising with a feeling of tenderness around the injection sites. It is recommended to avoid aerobic or weight bearing activity the day of treatment, normal activity can be resumed the next day.

How will I look?

With Teosyal, the difference in appearance is instant. Treated wrinkles will be less evident, scars less prominent, lips more plump. If you have questions about these treatments or want help selecting the right treatment for you, we are only a phone call away.

Post facial filler treatment instructions

  • You may gently ice the post treatment area.
  • Apply Arnica gel to the treated area at bedtime the night of treatment and twice a day to any bruises.
  • You may apply make up wear as usual tomorrow.
  • Do not massage bumps. If lump persists at 5 days post treatment call for follow up with Dr. Sexton.
  • Mild redness, mild swelling at the injection site and mild bruising are possible side effects

General tips to avoid bruising

  • No rubbing or massage of the area – you may wash your face gently.
  • No vigorous exercise for 12 hours post treatment.
  • Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatories (Advil, Naproxen etc) within 12 hours pre/post treatment (Tylenol is ok).
  • Do not drink alcohol the day of treatment and limit caffeine.
  • Do not smoke within 12 hours pre/post treatment.

Cost of treatments start at: $300

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Beauty in the eye(lash) of the beholderLatisse

For centuries women have gone to great lengths for beautiful, sexy and alluring eyelashes with stopping power.  Introducing the newest revolution in the field of aesthetic medicine – LATISSE™ (bimatoprost topical solution 0.03% w/v) – the first and only prescription eyelash growth product indicated in Canada to grow natural eyelashes longer, fuller and darker.


LATISSE™ is a prescription eyelash growth product applied once-daily to the base of the upper eyelid margin. Lashes grow gradually over time with most people beginning to see longer lashes in about eight weeks, with full growth at 16 weeks.  It is easily applied at home, before bed with a sterile, single-use-per-eye applicator brush.

Pro-DermTM Cosmetic Skincare Line



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The Pro-DermTM concept

A cosmeceutical line

By offering high levels of clinically proven effective ingredients, the Pro-DermTM line combines the benefits of both cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Ingredients and synergistic blend
Rich in high quality ingredients, the Pro-DermTM line combines innovative agents, natural botanical extracts and pure essential oils.

Their additive effects and complementarity, combined with the presence of transdermal pharmaceuticals, improve the formula’s efficiency and uptake.

Pro-DermTM products have been designed to be used jointly, hence maximizing the results.

A unique base
The unique and natural vegetal base of Pro-DermTM products preserves the integrity of the skin’s natural protective layer and hydrates the various skin types appropriately.

Quality of formulations
All our products are free from parabens, alcohols, perfumes, mineral oils, petroleum products, and are not tested on animals.

They contain the least possible amount of conservative agents in favour of botanical ingredients with natural bactericidal properties. Also, many of our products are sold in airless containers to ensure their protection and stability.

Constant optimization
The Pro-DermTM products are made in small quantities so the formulations can constantly be optimized.

The Pro-DermTM products are available exclusively in specialized medical clinics.

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‘blinc’ mascara:Blinc_Mascara-web

What makes ‘blinc’ mascara different from conventional mascaras  is  ‘blinc’ forms tiny no-smudge, water-resistant “tubes” around your lashes. Once applied, these mascara tubes bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes.

Great for sensitive and dry eyes ‘blinc’ has been clinically tested to be non-irritating making it ideal for contact lens wearers and people with sensitive eyes and eye area since no harsh makeup remover is required. For optimal results, apply warm water to Systane Lidcare Wipes and apply as a warm compress to your eye for about 10-20 seconds, then gently wipe down to loosen up blinc mascara and watch as the tubes slide off your lashes effortlessly. Systane Lidcare Wipes will remove any makeup and oily residue on eyelids and lashes.


‘blinc’ mascara will add volume & length  to give you a radiant natural look that lasts all day.

*Available in Black and Brown.

**Systane Lidcare Wipes, variety of Eye drops and Eye Health supplements and books are also available for purchase at our clinic.