Upcoming event: National Young Leaders Program April 2019


March 25, 2019



I’d like to share with you an upcoming event from the Foundation Fighting Blindness. I’m so proud of my good friend Donovan Tildseley for being their keynote speaker!

National youth leader program 2019

National Young Leaders Program

We know that young people will steer the future of Canada and the world. We also know that they are under-served, overburdened by debt, and challenged by a precarious market. Young people with vision loss are particularly vulnerable.This is why the Foundation Fighting Blindness launched the National Young Leaders Program in 2015. The goal of the program is to engage young people aged 17-30 across Canada who are living with vision loss, working with them to create a leadership training program that empowers like-minded individuals to initiative positive change in their communities.To do this, the program helps participants develop career skills, cultivate independence, and build thriving networks. They then bring their knowledge and experience into their local communities to help others and expand the reach of the initiative.In the past, the program has been oriented around an annual, in-person Summit held in Toronto. You can read more about last year’s Young Leaders Summit by clicking HERE.
Beginning this year, the scope of the National Young Leaders Program will expand to three Summits held across Canada—in Vancouver, Halifax, and Toronto—making it easier for participants to be involved.
If you are interested in attending a 2019 Summit, please register using the links below. Each Summit has its own registration link.
Please note that your registration does not confirm your place at the Summit; instead, it will signal your interest to organizers and allow them to follow-up with further details and instructions. Registering on this page is a necessary first step, however, so be sure to do so if you want to be a part of this amazing program in 2019
Date: April 27-28
Keynote: Donovan Tildesley (Canadian Paralympic swimmer and 2008 flag bearer who lives with blindness)

Program: CLICK HERE for a draft of the program in Word 
Venue: Blue Horizon Hotel | CLICK HERE to take a virtual tour of the 31st floor meeting space, which offers a 270-degree view of downtown Vancouver (select “Meeting + Banquet Rooms” at the top of the page)
Ticket price: free



To view this event from the foundation fighting blindness website please see: