Eye-Friendly Computer Displays

As a doctor one of the things I love is how much I am able to learn from my patients. Often patients are able to identify things that work for them that fall outside the scope of what I am educated about and taught to prescribe.

Light sensitivity or photophobia is something I encounter commonly. It can happen after a head injury and is also common in people with migraine headache.

A patient sent me some great practical suggestions for coping with light sensitivity so I thought I would pass them along.

A number of computer display manufacturers now offer products geared to those with light sensitivity.  The culprit seems to be pulse width modulation (PWM) which modulates the brightness of the screen by turning the LED backlights on and off at high frequency.  The flicker-free modulation is known as constant current reduction (CCR) which modulates brightness by reducing the voltage to the LEDs.

Please click on the links below for more information:

US Dept of Energy – LED dimming

Dimming LEDs via PWM and CCR


BenQ is another company that has products geared towards light sensitivity. You can find their eye-care information here and products here.  Our patient had good success with the BenQ XL2411 and XL2420.  Ben Q also offers steady CCR backlight, low blue light technology, 144 frames per second for smoother motion and a matte anti-glare screen.

Viewsonic info and products are here and the same for ASUS here.

These specialty displays can be acquired via the NCIX computer store at 1887 West Broadway or online at