I absolutely love to read and can’t imagine my life without it. When my visually challenged patients complain about no longer being able to see the print in books or newspapers it is something that really resonates with me. Over the last year I have been so excited by the new e-readers that have come on the market (disclosure: I own a Kindle). The font size can be adjusted upwards meaning any book title can be converted to a large print format. This is great news as the limited selection of large print and talking books available don’t always cater to people with more esoteric interests.

The one drawback…the large majority of my visually challenged patients are elderly and among the least likely to be real technophiles….so….if grandma or grandpa (or mom or dad) love to read but are limited by vision it might be worth taking some time to see if an e-reader could restore them to a past time that they love.

— Briar